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Terms & Conditions

For Potential Readers/Buyers

Because of limited books available, booking is allowed for 3 days only. Books will be delivered after payment is made.

This service is on a first come first serve basis. Please make immediate payment after booking so that you can buy or rent books that you want.

Books sold are not exchangeable and returnable
 T & C ( For Rental Books only)


Malay novel    : RM 40 per book
English novel  : RM 50 per book

*Price include RM 10 (rental price and delivery charge) + deposit (RM 30 for malay novel/ RM40 for English novel)

You might wonder why the price is different between a malay and english novel.. Of course the English novel is more expensive than the Malay novel (you need to pay more to buy english novel right? :p ). But, you dont have to worry because I will return your deposit after you have done your reading and delivered back all the books to me. :)

let's say:

If you rent 1 malay novel, you need to pay RM 40. After you finished and returned the book, i will bank in your deposit (RM 30) into your account . As for English novel, you will get your RM 40 back.

Rental Period

A customer is eligible to rent up to 3 books. Due to limited books in my collection, the rental period can be vary from the minimum of 15 days to the maximum of 40 days.

1 book  -> 15 days
2 books -> 30 days
3 books -> 40 days 

Your rental begins on the date your book is delivered and you must returned by the last day of your rental period.

p/s: Please note that at this moment, NO incentive benefits for early return of books.

Returning Books and Extra Charges

You need to bear the cost of returning the book(s). For 1 book, it usually cost you "plus minus" RM 5 if you use Pos Laju. For more info please visit Pos Malaysia website.

If your book is not returned by the end of rental period, late charges will be charged after 5 days of last day of your rental period. RM 1 will be deducted from your deposit on the 6th day and another RM 1 will automatically be charged for the second 5 day extensions and thereafter you will continue to be charged for recurring 5 day extensions after each due date passes. These automatic 5 day extensions will continue until the book is returned. (This charges will apply to each books)

Books available at here are from my own collection. I will make sure and guarantee that all books are in good condition when it arrived to you. During rental period, you are solely responsible for the rented books. If the rental book is returned damaged (such as missing cover/pages, broken spine, etc) and cause it cannot be rented again, minimal or full charge will be applied. (I will access the condition and inform you the charges through e-mail).

What if you lost the books? I have to charge the value of the books plus (+) the rental price.

Customers are allowed to keep the books for 3 months (with the deduction of RM1 for every 5 day extention) from the end of rental period. However, if I didn't received the books within that period, i will assume you want to buy or keep the books. In this case, deposit will not be refunded.

For further enquiries, please email me at


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