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About this blog

The Idea of opening this blog was when I realised that I have many collection of books. It is not a choice for me to let go some of my books (means selling it), so, I just thinking if I can rent it instead of let it inside the box. And also the trend when the readers like to save their time and money. This blog offers online selling and rental book services as a solution for them.

For starting, all books for sell and rent are from my own collections (so, it might not the hottest and the latest titles). I will try to offer various titles from time to time.

Who Am I ?

This blog is owned by me, Nurul Othman who loves to read. I started reading and collecting books about 5-6 years ago (i'm not an avid reader before that ;P).

I like fiction books, horror (vampire stories anyone? ;)) and romance? ehhe 

so readers, please enjoy your shopping here and enjoy your reading... :)


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